How to Style Your Bed


Being the largest piece of furniture, the bed is the focal point of your bedroom. Because of this, it is important to style it accordingly. A styled bed will make everything in the room look better, cleaner, and more organized. And the best part is, you don't have to break the bank in order for it to change the look of your bedroom.

I've put together this easy guide on how to style your bed. It's all about layering, adding different textures, contrasting shapes, and colors.


First, start with a comfortable, matching sheet set. Wayfair is a great place to get affordable sheets, or if you want to spring for a luxury set, One Kings Lane is the place to go.

Next, add a solid coverlet quilt. I like to use one in white, like I've shown here, with matching Euro style pillows.

After you've added the coverlet quilt, you'll need a comforter insert with a duvet cover, along with a matching queen or king pillow covers. Choose a duvet set that is contrasting in color and texture to the coverlet. Here, my coverlet is white and ribbed while the duvet set is dark and smooth. The coverlet and duvet perfectly compliment each other because the white coverlet pulls the white from the Ikat pattern in the duvet.


Here's the finishing secret: Lay the duvet flat over the entire bed. Have the end of the duvet at the foot of the bed, right up to the start of the footboard, or top of the dust ruffle. Fold the duvet from the head of the bed until it meets the other end at the foot of the bed. The duvet will cover between one-half and two-thirds of the bed.


Finally, you'll layer the pillows. Here, I started with my darker color ones from the duvet set. Next I layered the white Euro style pillows. Notice the contrasting sizes. Finally, add an accent pillow. I've chosen an embroidered lumbar pillow that is in between the color of the coverlet and duvet.

As I noted earlier, layering your bed in this styled manner doesn't have to cost you a bunch. I got this duvet set a few years ago on clearance from One Kings Lane for only $39! The quilt and pillows are from Homegoods and were less than $60 total.

A beautiful, styled bed goes a long way.