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Florida: A place deeply cherished and celebrated by many.

From childhood family vacations to welcoming beaches offering respite from cold Northern winters, Lauren Craddock has always felt that Florida was her second home.

As a child, Lauren spent most holidays with her grandparents on the west coast of Florida, making beloved memories and ensuring that the many sandy footprints she made near the sea were forever cemented in her heart.

After meeting her now-husband at a local tiki bar, her fate as a full-time Florida resident was sealed and Lauren has spent every moment since taking in the beauty of the area by both land and sea.

Today, Lauren is still inspired by her surroundings and the waterways by which she resides. By combining timeless photography with digital painting, she is able to create her own unique medium as a way to display the remarkable and playful beauty of the area.

Lauren is a member of the Professional Photographers of America and resides in Sarasota with her husband, daughter, 3 dogs, and baby on the way. When she is not creating her artwork, she can be found pounding the pavement in her running shoes or boating with her family.



I believe the cornerstone to a happy life is loving your surroundings. I am incredibly lucky to live in such a beautiful and cherished community.


The Brand

Where it began

Following the birth of her first daughter Maren (literally meaning “the sea”), Lauren began Sea Salt + Home as an outlet for uniquely curated content focusing on her love of coastal living. Over time, she decided to marry her talent for photography with her eye for distinctive home décor to create a beautiful product for her readers that singularly reflects the Florida lifestyle.

Our Vision

Lauren has successfully created images that embody the essence of Floridian life. Customers are able to get lost in an image – they can feel the sun on their shoulders and the sand beneath their feet – and recall beautiful memories of their unique Florida experiences.


Allow us to help guide you while you select the best piece for your space. Select from either single prints or smaller curated sets to suit your taste.

Quality experience

Our goal is create high-quality, long-lasting products while still remaining affordable. We have partnered with SimplyFramed to create custom, ready-to-hang frames in a variety of colors and sizes to perfectly match your interior needs.